Coronation Street’s Cassie Plummer blackmailed by unlikely resident after secret exposed

Evelyn Plummer of Coronation Street has been determined to lock Terry away ever since she saw him abusing his dog, even going so far as to take the puppy away from him.

In the upcoming weeks, Cassie Plummer (played by Claire Sweeney) of Coronation Street will get into a lot of trouble because she will go to great lengths to support her mother Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman). Since she was able to get Terry arrested for abusing his dog, Evelyn has been determined to see him stay behind bars.

But her daughter might be about to leave all of her hard work behind when she robs Terry of a large sum of money by breaking into her house. Unaware of Hope Dobbs’ (Isabella Flanagan) manipulative nature, Cassie is about to get herself into trouble with the teenager.

In later scenes, Evelyn receives a call from Craig Tinker (Colton Smith), who reassures her that she is no longer being watched.

As Craig tells them that they’re still searching for Terry’s attacker and that same person stole a significant quantity of cash, Cassie tries not to show her discomfort.

At number nine, Hope spots Cassie carrying a sack full of cash. Cassie offers Hope a portion of the money in exchange for her keeping her mouth shut.

Will Hope maintain Cassie’s privacy? After taking Terry’s money, has Cassie bitten off more than she can chew?

Given Hope’s reputation for blackmail, will she take advantage of the money?

Cassie has been pitting Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) against Abi Webster (Sally Carman) for the past few weeks.

Without the owner’s permission, Cassie removed one of the cars from the garage and unintentionally scratched the side; however, rather than accepting responsibility, she set up Abi.

Since then, Kevin and Abi have been at odds, leading some fans to believe that Cassie was plotting to separate them.

After noticing Cassie’s actions, viewers of the show conjectured on their X accounts, which were formerly known as Twitter.

remarked @fussyMcWhiskers: “#corrie More slippery than a barrel of eels is Cassie. How could she put Abi at fault? Roy needs to let Kevin know that Cassie stole the car.

“Cassie is a narcissistic manipulator—she doesn’t even want Kev,” said @TellyVsPodcasts. I can’t stand it when Abbie and Kevin are content.”

Additionally, @Samanth22356123 tweeted, “They better not be pushing Cassie and Kev together!!!!! #Corrie.”

In a lighthearted comment, Bobby Dazzler said, “#Corrie Cassie is playing a dangerous game trying to split Kev & Abi up.”

Ryan Glendenning wrote: “Considering how much Abi initially supported Cassie, Cassie is a cow—causing friction between Abi and Kevin.” #Corrie.

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