Coronation Street’s Damon Hay star on sinister plan to ‘get rid’ of Adam Barlow

EXCLUSIVE: After being chased out of town, Damon Hay from Coronation Street has returned to Weatherfield with a grudge against Adam Barlow.

Sam Robertson’s character Adam Barlow on Coronation Street appears to have to be careful with his back in Weatherfield, as soap opera bad boy Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths) made a comeback this week. The criminal hired people to kidnap his opponent in order to exact revenge.

Desperate to kill Adam, Damon almost carried out his plan until, at the last moment, he changed his mind. Even though Adam survives to see another day, he is choosing the wrong opponent for his fight.

Given that he is still in the firing line, it appears that this may only be the beginning. In an exclusive interview with and other media outlets, the soap opera star mentioned Adam’s abduction.

Ciaran responded, “He comes back 100% with the intent to punish Adam and get rid of him,” when asked if the kidnapping was merely a threat or if Adam could actually be in danger.

“He enters there with that attitude, but perhaps this time we’ll witness a more compassionate side of Damon. Maybe that’s what sets Damon apart from Harvey—he’s not just a thug; he has a heart.

Viewers recently witnessed the reunion of the two criminal brothers when Damon visited Harvey Gaskell (Will Mellor) in prison.

Damon is making an effort to change his ways and launch a respectable company, but his brother has other plans.

Harvey offered his brother a large cut of the money if he carried out the robbery, tempting him to do so during the visit.

Harvey threatened his brother, saying he would have to sleep with one eye open, when Damon refused, saying he didn’t want to be pulled back into the criminal world.

Speaking about the two brothers’ relationship, the ITV soap star acknowledged that it’s obvious they don’t get along.

“It’s intense, they don’t like each other,” he continued. Their fathers are different, and I believe that Damon was somewhat neglected as a child and was always the one to receive an ear clip.

“Despite the fact that they are half brothers, I believe they are both harboring a great deal of animosity toward one another.”

Harvey may still be in prison, but it’s obvious that he has contacts outside of it, which could cause problems for Sarah and Damon.

Fans witnessed Adam attempt to enlist Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon), her daughter, in an attempt to wean Damon from Sarah this week.

Will her husband be able to prevent Sarah from getting too close to the criminal before something terrible happens, stressing that he’s trouble and dangerous?

According to soap opera star Tina O’Brien, who expressed her opinion that Damon might cause drama in Sarah’s life, “I think Damon, ultimately long term could be very bad news and dangerous for her,” Perhaps she would simply be happier alone.

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