Coronation Street’s Jenny Connor discovers the truth after Craig Tinker’s shooting

Coronation Street‘s Jenny Connor finally discovers the disturbing truth about Scott Emberton tonight (October 28).

Jenny hears what Scott (Tom Roberts) is really capable of when her husband Johnny decides to confide in her over recent events.

Earlier this week, viewers saw the villain shoot, Craig Tinker, at the Bistro, after his attempt to steal money at Ray Crosby’s poker evening went horribly wrong.

In Wednesday’s double bill, Scott wastes no time before trying to cover his tracks by keeping Johnny (Richard Hawley) quiet.

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johnny connor and scott emberton in coronation street
Scott warns that if Johnny reports him for the armed robbery, he’ll take him down with him.

Despite Scott’s threats, Johnny can’t keep quiet any longer and decides to confess to Jenny.

Johnny tells a horrified Jenny that Scott was responsible for the Bistro robbery and had tried to get him involved, but he refused to be part of it.


The Rovers landlord also shares his criminal past and how he was the getaway driver in one of Scott’s previous robberies, although he stops short of confessing the full details.

johnny connor and jenny connor in coronation street
Johnny promises Jenny that he’s going to report Scott to the police, even if it means paying the price for the crime he committed over 30 years ago. However, when Scott announces that he’s moving away to Kent, Johnny wonders if he has been thrown a lifeline.

Sally Ann Matthews, who plays Jenny, recently explained: “Jenny is totally shocked when she finds out the truth. She knew Johnny wasn’t whiter than white and was a bit of a wide boy, but maybe that he was just selling some dodgy tape recorders, something low level!

“Jenny quite liked that he was a bit of a bad boy with an edge. But this kind of past – so violent and so serious – is completely shocking and she doesn’t know what to do with it.”


Coronation Street airs tonight at 7.30 pm and 8.30 pm on ITV.

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