Coronation Street’s Sarah Platt star hints at ‘unfinished business’ as Damon Hay returns

EXCLUSIVE: Last year, viewers of Coronation Street witnessed Sarah Platt and Damon Hay become embroiled in an unforeseen romance.

It’s safe to say that Tina O’Brien’s character Sarah Platt and Ciaran Griffiths’ character Damon Hay’s relationship hasn’t exactly been easy. Sarah became pregnant with Adam Barlow’s (Sam Robertson) child after they began having sexual relations behind his back; she has since lost the child.

But before Damon knew, Adam had driven him out of town, so he was unaware of Sarah’s condition. Adam and Sarah’s marriage has been in disarray for the past few months, and he is upset that she deceived him.

On New Year’s Eve, though, it appeared as though the two were rekindling their romance—that is, until Damon made the decision to return to Weatherfield. After Damon’s final season on the show, actress Tina O’Brien talked exclusively to and other media outlets about their relationship.

She admitted, “No!” when asked if her persona is anticipating his comeback. He appears out of nowhere. If she is telling the truth, there most likely is some unresolved business there.

“The manner in which he departed and his potential feelings, which she may not fully comprehend. Given that Adam appears to be defrosting, there will likely be a wide range of emotions. “He’s divorcing me, and that’s a door closed and it’s over,” was her constant thought.

Over the course of the New Year, he appears to be hinting that he might still be in love with her? She’s probably very confused, in my opinion.

Drama in the cobbles has erupted immediately upon Damon’s return, as he was determined to exact revenge on Adam.

Fans of the ITV soap opera witnessed graphic scenes in which Damon’s goons abducted the solicitor, tied him up, and threw a bag over his head.

This week, the antagonist from the soap opera was prepared to murder Adam, taking out a gun and pointing it in his head.

Nevertheless, Damon changed his mind and decided to let him go after he pleaded with his mystery killer to send a message to his wife and child.

In an attempt to show that he was changing for the better for Sarah, Damon admitted all he had done to her during Tuesday night’s episode.

The soap opera star Ciaran discussed his shift in persona, saying: “He’s genuinely enamored with trying to win Sarah back, he’s a true romantic!

He obviously wants to scratch the itch that has been bothering him about her every day for the past few months. He must, however, make amends for the injustice of what Adam did to him.

Without having the chance to bid Sarah farewell properly, Adam was compelled to disappear. He was only able to leave Sarah a voicemail, which Adam found and erased.

“Damon doesn’t know that yet, but he will find out, and it will make things much worse for Adam.” He desires for Adam to pay.

“There’s a score to settle; he’s not ready to leave it where Adam’s given him the finger. Damon desires to win once more.

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