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Coronation Street’s Zeeman blames Stu for fire at Speed Deal

Ayla does not believe him.

When the Speed Deal van was stolen and Hashmi demanded his money back, Zeeman on Coronation Street found himself at a fork in the road.

When Debbie discovered that Zeeman had beaten her to the last pitch at the Christmas market, she planned a scheme to throw a spanner in the Speed Deal’s clogs, and the restaurant’s car vanished in tonight’s episode (December 3).

When they realized what had transpired, Ayla wanted to notify the cops, but Zeeman advised her against it because the vehicle contained the money Hashmi had requested that he launder.


Unfortunately, Hashmi discovered that he needed Zeeman to promptly return the dirty money as well as the money that Zeeman had stolen from him. When Zeeman told him he couldn’t make that much money in a day because the van had been taken and the restaurant was closed, Hashmi recommended he burn it down and claim the insurance money.

Zeeman was hesitant at first because he didn’t want to be the one to burn down the house he had worked so hard to create, but Hashmi threatened to harm his grandma, so Zeeman agreed.

Hashmi had arranged for his men to set fire to the Speed Deal, so Zeeman only had to leave the door ajar. Before leaving, he took one last look around the restaurant and gave a suspicious-looking man a nod.

But he had no idea that Stu was inside because Yasmeen had ordered him to cook a dinner to prove that he had the necessary skills to work at the restaurant. When Stu first spotted the flames, he tried to put them out, but the fire was already out of control, and the smoke knocked him out, rendering him unable to leave the kitchen.

When Billy came to their house to inform them about the fire, Zeeman was shocked to discover that someone was inside. They dashed to the restaurant, where Zeeman raced in to resuscitate a knocked-out Stu.

While Yasmeen went to the hospital to see how Stu was doing, Ayla expressed her feelings to Zeeman, telling him that she would never forgive him for what he had done. While she consented to assist with the cover-up, she demanded that Zeeman leave the next day.

Yasmeen confessed in the hospital that Stu had suffered lung damage and might not survive. She also informed Zeedan and Alya that the fire department had determined that the incident was caused by the deep-fat fryer catching fire, to which Zeedan speculated that Stu may have left it on by accident.

Ayla stared at him with hatred, and after hearing Yasmeen’s poignant speech about losing them, Ayla decided to let Zeeman stay at home. Ayla, on the other hand, told Zeeman that if Stu didn’t make it, she would report Zeeman and Hashmi to the authorities.

Is it possible that Stu started the fire? Could it have been Ayla’s broken dishwasher that she was attempting to repair? Will Zaiden be successful in framing Stu if Hashmi’s henchmen truly did it?


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