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Coronation Street’s Zeeman Nazir hears a surprise confession after fire drama

Zeedan Nazir’s storyline on Coronation Street takes a new stressful turn tonight (December 6) as he learns a shocking revelation from Debbie Webster.

Last week, Zeeman (Qassim Akhtar) was forced to take drastic steps after his family’s food van unexpectedly vanished, including a bag of Hashmi Etamin’s illicit money.

When Hashim (Vincent Ebrahim) learned that the money had vanished, he became enraged and demanded that Zeedan settle his debts as soon as possible.

Zeeman then had to make a difficult decision, agreeing to let Hashmi’s heavies set fire to Speed Deal as part of an insurance scheme.


Zeedan is still in anguish after going to such risky lengths to repay Hashim in Monday night’s double bill.

When a sheepish Debbie (Sue Devaney) approaches him, he confesses that she was responsible for the inexplicable disappearance of the van, his day takes an unexpected turn.

Debbie admits that she stole the car as a petty act of vengeance after the Nazirs were able to get a spot at the Christmas markets.

Debbie apologizes for being so childish after understanding what the family is going through and tells them where they can find the van.

As it dawns on Zeedan that things could have turned out very differently if Debbie hadn’t been playing games, he is both surprised and annoyed.

He tracks down the van and is relieved to see Hashim’s money, which has not been touched.

Zeedan then reassures his sister Alya (Sair Khan) that all they have to do now is wait for the insurance money to arrive.

Alya feels less at ease, feeling terrible about Stu Carpenter’s involvement in the problem and the fact that they’re having to lie to their grandmother Yasmeen.

Is Zeedan’s cover-up going to be as successful as he hopes?


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