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Corrie’s Curtis star issues ‘dangerous’ warning to fans after imposters pounce

The actor joined the ITV soap as Curtis Delamere earlier this year

Coronation Street star Sam Retford as Curtis

After imposters pretended to be Sam Retford from Coronation Street, he sent a fraud warning to fans.

Curtis Delamere, the love interest of barmaid Emma Brooker, joined the ITV serial early this year.

However, Sam, 22, has found himself in a position where he must take serious measures.

After realizing that people were impersonating him and trying to arrange get-togethers, the former Ackley Bridge star canceled his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

“I’m not very present on social media other than Instagram. It’s a place for me to post pictures of me – with trees,” he told the Daily Star.

“I got rid of Facebook and Twitter. It’s negative and takes a very strong-minded person to confront that every day.

“I had incidents of people organizing to meet up with a fake me – that could be dangerous.”

Sam also said that trolls tried to bully him into ­responding to their messages.

Curtis arrived in Weatherfield and quickly caught the eye of Emma (Image: ITV)

“Messages come in and go from being complimentary, when they see you’re not ­engaging, then it becomes malicious. You can see it’s there to spark a reaction,” he told the publication.

“A lot of these people are doing this to get attention.”

Sam, who was born in New South Wales, Australia, before transferring to Cheshire, teased that there is “a lot more to come” and that it is “exciting.”

When hottie Curtis joined the street, fans were ecstatic, but they had their doubts about his motivation for visiting Weatherfield.

As he approached Emma, it became evident that he was concealing something.

Curtis confessed he had a heart problem that means he could “drop dead” at any time, which saddened Emma and the audience.

Sam is now utilizing his soap platform to support The Diana Award and The Big Anti-Bullying Assembly 2021, both of which are sponsored by Nationwide Building Society.

Young individuals between the ages of nine and twenty-five can receive a Diana Award, which was established in honor of the late Princess of Wales, for humanitarian effort or social action.


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