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Daisy Midgeley leaves the cobbles as Jenny Connor seeks vengeance, according to spoilers from Coronation Street.

Daisy Midgeley, the thorn in the side of CORONATION STREET, could be set for a dramatic exit from the ITV soap, as her stepmother, Jenny Connor seeks vengeance for her marriage’s breakdown.

Following her arrival on Coronation Street last year, Daisy (played by Charlotte Jordan) has made a name for herself as a mischievous minx.

She has not only become a businesswoman for a company that sells products in unusual ways, but she has also gotten involved in her stepmother Jenny’s (Sally Ann Matthew) marriage to Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley).


Jenny may be forced to leave the show if the couple decides to call it quits in upcoming scenes on the ITV soap, as Jenny no longer allows herself to be manipulated by her step-daughter.

Jenny confessed to her husband that she had slept with Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan) behind his back while he was in prison in recent scenes.

Daisy discovered this prior to the return of the Rovers Return landlord and used it as leverage to blackmail her stepmother’s lover in order to help her own business venture.

Unfortunately for her, she was discovered, and when Jenny threatened to evict her, she told her a sob story about her father’s neglect.

The landlady was taken in by her step-stories daughter’s hook, line, and sinker, but with her marriage on the verge of collapse, she could direct her rage at Daisy.

Despite her sympathy for her daughter, Jenny may believe that the young woman is to blame for the heartbreak she is experiencing.

Despite the fact that it was Sharon Bentley (Tracie Bennett) who forced her to tell Johnny the truth, Daisy may face retaliation from the pub landlady when the Rovers is put up for sale.

Daisy’s step-mother may tell her to leave Weatherfield permanently because she won’t be allowed to live with her.

With no one else to turn to on the cobbles, the youngster may decide to make a hasty exit, walking away from the cobbles to plot her own vengeance against Jenny.

But how long will she be away from the streets, and what plans does she have if she returns to end her stepmother’s life for good?

Charlotte Jordan, who plays Daisy, spoke with the press, including, to tease this direction for the character.

Charlotte described the future for her alter-ego as follows: “I’ve spoken with script editors, storyliners, and producers about it, and I believe it’s still up in the air.

“I believe they’re still debating how dark we can make her. So the honest answer is that I have no idea!

“When I’m working with her, I try to leave options for her to be more humane, as well as options for her to be completely insane.

“As a result, I’m not sure right now. She’s a bit of a troublemaker right now, she’s a bit minxy, and she has a bit of a backstory.

“I’m getting to play all sides of the spectrum,” she said, but is this a hint of Daisy becoming a woman scorned as a result of Jenny’s neglect?

Charlotte, who has been a character on the weeknight serial drama for six months, also discussed how long viewers will see her on-screen.


“I’ve been acting for the past five years. You start with whatever you can get your hands on, so I just did some guesting parts – a few bits here and there.

“Corrie came out of lockdown right away, so I didn’t have much time to prepare.” Working on a soap opera, on the other hand, is fantastic.

“It’s really interesting for me to work on something that doesn’t have a beginning, middle, or end.” That’s a brand-new concept.

“Yes, they chose my second option, so I’ll be here until September, hopefully, and then who knows.”

“I’ve recently relocated to Manchester, just in time for Daisy’s season to begin. It’s incredible, “she went on.

Will viewers be saying goodbye to Daisy this Autumn as the fallout from Jenny’s split from Johnny concludes, with some uncertainty about her long-term future?

If she does decide to stay a little longer, it appears she will be working on a major project, as recent spoilers suggest she is considering a new venture.

Many will be left wondering who will buy the pub after Johnny puts it up for sale in upcoming scenes.

Daisy, who is known for her devious ways, is plotting to become the establishment’s youngest landlady ever.

Daisy will get to work next week by shooing away potential buyers so she and Jenny can take over the pub.

The Rovers became Jenny’s safe haven while Johnny was inside, and she managed to keep it running throughout the pandemic.

She might agree to her stepdaughter’s plans to buy the pub, only for her to be betrayed at the last minute.

Jenny could claim she has enough money to buy the deeds without Daisy’s help in a bitter act of vengeance.

Will this be yet another reason for the troublemaker to flee?


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