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Dan Ewing details his mental health struggles while on Home and Away

Dan Ewing, who portrayed Heath Braxton on Home and Away, may have played a tough River Boy onscreen, but he struggled with mental health concerns behind the scenes.

Dan, who is presently acting in SAS Australia, has lately spoken out about his rise to prominence and his anxiety difficulties.

Dan stated in an interview with the Imperfectly Perfect Podcast this week that when he initially joined the cast of Home and Away in 2007, he struggled with anxiety and turned to drink to cope.

“I really struggled. I was just some kid from [Sydney’s] northern beaches, so then to shoot to fame on the biggest show in Australia in Home and Away… I wasn’t ready,” he said.

“My partner at the time wasn’t ready, and I didn’t know it at the time, but I was really suffering from anxiety.”

Dan returned to Home and Away this year for a brief cameo.

Dan, who was 25 at the time, went on to say that he used alcohol to cope with his celebrity status.

“You disguise it as, ‘Oh, it’s blowing off steam, we all do it,’ and we all have done it. But for me, I just didn’t understand that there was a better way, there was a better process because it was just kind of the norm,” he said.

He added that while you learn as you go, it was “not conducive to a great relationship or a great marriage or a great lifestyle“, and that he was still working and “kicking goals work-wise”.

“I didn’t know it at the time, but I was really suffering with anxiety.”

“It was kind of, not hidden, it wasn’t like I was a fully-fledged alcoholic, but I was just getting blind on weekends to subside this anxiety that I just wasn’t ready for,” the 36-year-old said.

“I wasn’t ready for notoriety – I just wasn’t,” he said, before adding that he is “very grateful” for the job and the success of Home and Away and the characters.

“But I certainly wasn’t ready and I didn’t have an awareness of what mental health was or taking care of that sort stuff first was.”

Dan is currently starring on SAS Australia.

A decade on, Dan has now turned to meditation, journaling, and a “process” to better help deal with his mental health, which is something we’ve had a glimpse of on SAS.

When asked why he came on the show in the first place, Dan said it was because he is “trying to become a better version of myself.”

In a piece-to-camera, we also saw Dan mention that he would be without his “meditation music” and candles, while he braves the tough selection process.


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