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Dianne Buswell open to a Home and Away role

In ‘Home and Away’, Dianne Buswell would love to star.

If the chance emerged for a role on the soap, the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ star would be open to going back to her native Australia.

The Daily Star newspaper quotes her as saying: “Perhaps I could be on another TV show? It’d be ‘Home and Away’.

I would love to see myself in a soap. It’s my dad’s favorite software as well. And he’d enjoy it. I am hoping it will happen.
The Wanted singer, speaking after his departure, said, ‘I loved it. It’s all down to Dianne. She was incredible, literally.

“For me to get through 90 seconds of dance for four weeks now is a credit to her, she’s just unbelievable. I’ve got to say, all these guys over here are the nicest group of people ever. I love you all!”

By featuring on the show, Dianne will follow in the footsteps of the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Heath Ledger, Dannii Minogue, Isla Fisher, and Naomi Watts.

I think Max did an absolutely incredible job, Dianne added. He did four amazing dances and I know how nervous you get, but very week you came out here.

I know you always say you want to make me proud and you have made me more than proud, so well done, oh my goodness.

“I also want to say thank you to the judges, Anton you were incredible tonight. Thank you so much.”


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