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EastEnders spoiler: Fan Favourite character died during shooting tragedy

EASTENDERS fans think they’ve spotted a deadly clue that proves a popular character will be killed next week after the ultimate betrayal of a gun is fired. But who would end up on the receiving end?

In EastEnders, Phil Mitchell did whatever he could to secure the Queen Vic ‘s sale, whether that was making a deal with the devil in the form of Danny Hardcastle (Paul Usher) or putting his son Ben Mitchell at risk to help his old man out.

But, viewers have seen something that leads them to believe that after Callum Highway betrays him, Ben will be killed.


Ben has had a rough time after he lost his hearing at the boat party in Albert Square, trying to make everyone believe that it’s not as bad as they all know it is.

He’s had his boyfriend Callum by his side all the time, but Callum has been suspicious since agreeing to help Phil with a dodgy job.

At first, Ben tried to get information from Callum, knowing he was trying to embed himself into the police force but was shut down immediately.

But this week, Callum spotted Ben accepting a suspicious package on Albert Square, but Ben dismissed it and walked off when he questioned why he was standing in an alley.

Fans, however, think they’ve worked out just where this story’s will end, and now, after a new trailer was released, they believe Ben’s going to be killed in the coming scenes.

The trailer is for a special episode that will be entirely from Ben’s point of view.

Its aim is to bring more aware of the terrible ordeal he’s been going through with losing his hearing.

At the end of the clip, viewers saw Ben, followed by a message, “You can’t always see what’s coming.”

Accompanying the trailer, the EastEnders account tweeted, “Seeing doesn’t always believe … Next week, on # EastEnders.

In the coming scenes, Ben is going to be seen in a warehouse with his dad talking to the gangster Danny.

Things’ going to spiral out of control quickly, and Ben ‘s going to have a gun turned on him, but fans think it could kick off when Callum arrives at the store.

Viewers quickly began speculating, and now they think they’ve cracked it.

One viewer tweeted: “We are in for a big shocker as well as this line referring to Ben’s hearing loss?”

Another said, “I bet Callum is the one waiting for Ben at the warehouse.”

“That would be a complete shocker,” the first viewer replied, “Imagine if Callum set up the whole thing as a trap!”

The third one asked, “The line you can’t always see what’s coming-is that a big twist in the store?”

And one more added: “I have seen spoilers on Instagram earlier saying that Ben is dead. Isn’t that true?”


A few fans were worried that Callum could be in danger, whereas others believe that Callum might set up Ben.

Callum, as fans know, currently hopes to become part of the police force and has made it clear that he doesn’t want Ben anywhere near anything that could put him at risk.

Will he throw Ben under the bus, or teach him a lesson?

This isn’t going to be helped by Callum ‘s chat with Sharon Mitchell as he goes looking for advice.

Worried about Ben, Callum is going to ask Sharon for her help only to be urged not to get involved and to let the Mitchell boys get on with their dodgy dealings.

Callum will be furious at her response as he continues to fail to get Ben away from Phil’s “jobs,” but would he ever put Ben in danger of teaching him a lesson?

And is it all going bad to leave Ben dead in the warehouse?


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