“Do they not realise there’s a pandemic?” Home and Away star’s latest photo sparks a fan debate

When the COVID pandemic first hit Australia earlier this year, the country went into lockdown and put in place important restrictions to keep everyone safe.
Working from home in our pyjamas became daily routine and many businesses, including the production of our favourite shows, were forced to shut down.
As case numbers drop we’re slowing getting back to normal. But normal won’t be what it used to be for a long time, and many restrictions are still in place, for good reason.
As our favourite shows also return to filming, much to our delight, one has fans questioning COVID safety on set.
Taking to Instagram Home And Away stars shared happy snaps from the Palm Beach set dressed in bright rash vests and surrounded by unfamiliar faces in scenes that resemble a charity event.
While some delighted in the behind-the-scenes photo, others questioned what restrictions were being followed.
“That is scandalous do they not realise there’s a pandemic in the world ?” one fan commented.
Before another added: “Large group of people…. glad I don’t live there!!! #covid_19 #socialdistancing ???”
“No social distancing in Australia? I need to relocate! ” a third wrote.
“Let’s hope no one gets covid. Totally the opposite here in the UK. Another full lockdown on Thursday,” a fourth fan from the United Kingdom added.
As many European countries face a second lockdown, the Summer Bay snaps have been seen by some fans as tone deaf, particularly given the huge UK fan base.
Others, however, considered it beacon of hope for what they could look forward to post-lockdown.
“We’re about to go back into full lockdown in England but this makes me hopeful that maybe one day we can all go back to work and hug our colleagues too ❤️??Glad to see you are all safe and smiling,” another UK based fan wrote.
Home And Away returned to filming in May this year after a two-month COVID hiatus.
“A range of measures will be in place to minimise risk for cast and crew, to be overseen by dedicated safety officers,” a Seven spokeswoman told the Daily Telegraph.
“The measures include temperature checks on arrival, increased hygiene practices and rigorous cleaning schedules.”
“Scripts will also be reworked to reduce close contact, in constant consultation with the cast and crew to ensure the health and safety of all.”

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