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EastEnders Carol Jackson star warned against ‘preparing for backlash’ over role

LINDSEY COULSON – best known as Carol Jackson in EastEnders – revealed how she was initially warned to “prepare for backlash” before becoming a member of EastEnders’ first mixed-race couple in the 1990s.

EastEnders actor, 60-year-old Lindsey Coulson, best known for portraying Carol Jackson’s part until 2015, has revealed how BBC bosses advised her to “prepare for backlash” before appearing in EastEnders’ first mixed-race couple with Howard Antony, who played her partner, Alan Jackson, on television. The favorite of the BBC said OK! Magazine how the soap had been a “breakthrough” moment.

In an interview, Lindsey, who is now starring in Bulletproof alongside Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters, explained how proud she is to be on a show with “two black men as the leads.” The actress then went on to say how proud she too was cast in EastEnders’ first mixed-race couple.

Lindsey reported: “I’m always proud to have been part of EastEnders’ first mixed-race team, which was quite a moment of change in the 90s. “The sad thing is I remember being taken aside by one of the producers to prepare me for a potential backlash,” she remarked.

“I said, ‘Bring it on.’ It was a pivotal moment on TV, and many people would come up to me and say how wonderful it was to see a family like theirs on Telly.” Lindsey explained: “What’s worth watching something that shows your own condition on TV shouldn’t be overlooked.” One EastEnders representative declined to comment when Express.co.uk approached. The BBC star also mentioned how she wasn’t receiving much negativity as at the time social media wasn’t in the image. Lindsey added: “I only had one negative letter and that was mainly because I didn’t like them.



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