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EastEnders cast: We’d like to move seven characters from Walford to Emmerdale.

Both EastEnders and Emmerdale have fantastic casts, but have you ever wondered how it would work if some of the characters were switched around?

Despite the fact that the two soaps are vastly different, we could see some EastEnders characters visiting the Yorkshire Dales.

Here are seven EastEnders characters who we believe would work well in Emmerdale.

Characters from EastEnders who would be perfect for Emmerdale Callum Highway

While Callum Highway is married to Ben Mitchell, he works as a police officer on the other side of the law.

Callum has proven to be a pleasant and helpful character.

We could definitely see him collaborating with PC Swirling to combat crime in Emmerdale.

Suki Panesar

Suki Panesar, who plays Kheerat, Vinny, Jags, and Ash’s mother, joined the EastEnders cast in 2020.

She has proven that she is not to be trifled with, having been involved in a number of crimes since her arrival on Albert Square.

She appears to be a good fit for Emmerdale as the owner of Home Farm. However, we’re not sure what Kim Tate would say about that.

Suki and Kim would either be best friends or enemies.

Shirley Carter

Shirley is an EastEnders legend, and it’s difficult to picture her anywhere but Albert Square.

She would, however, get along swimmingly with the Dingles, particularly Cain.

Shirley could be seen doing some shady business with Cain, Aaron, and Mackenzie.

We’d like to see a spin-off of Dingles Meet the Mitchells!

Dotty Cotton

Dot Cotton’s granddaughter Dotty Cotton is an EastEnders legend.

In 2019, she returned to Walford and has a habit of getting into mischief.

She is currently operating a card scam in Ruby’s club.

We could see her, like Shirley, blending in with the Dingles. Alternatively, she could open her own bar in the village.

Honey Mitchell

Honey may be a Mitchell, but she has proven to be a sweetheart who would never hurt a fly.

Honey Mitchell and Leyla Harding appear to be a good friendship match.

We could see her working at Pamper Manda with Mandy Dingle or planning weddings at Take A Vow.

Tracey the barmaid

Tracey the barmaid is another EastEnders legend. Tracey has been a part of EastEnders since the first episode on February 19, 1985, despite not being a main character.

It’s difficult to imagine Tracey doing anything else, but a crossover where she does a shift in The Woolpack would be fantastic.

Consider her getting into a fight with Chas Dingle.

Kim Fox

Kim Fox has recently returned to Albert Square after a trip to Scotland.

She started her own dating agency, Fox Catcher, after she returned.

We could see her in Emmerdale working with Leyla and Andrea at Take A Vow to plan the first Fox Catcher wedding with Leyla and Andrea.


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