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EastEnders couple Mick and Linda Carter to worry over the sale of Queen Vic sale

Tonight (June 8), EastEnders couple Mick and Linda Carter continue to have doubts over selling Queen Vic to Phil Mitchell.

The pair recently made a difficult decision to leave the pub and concentrate on Linda ‘s ongoing recovery from alcohol dependence. Although they agreed in principle to sell the Walford waterhole to Phil Mitchell, Mick and Linda will begin to question his integrity in the episode of Monday. Looking to the future, Mick and Linda discuss their plans to rent a house nearby. However, as they contemplate the next move, the Carters’ fear is that Phil is paying them a fair bit of money for The Vic.

Viewers know that Phil did a very risky job last week with his son Ben to raise the cash he needed to buy his beloved boozer back. But as Mick and Linda begin to panic about the deal, are Phil’s dreams of going to crash?
Mick and Linda will also be cross-examined last night by lawyer Gray, who is doing some digging into the history of Whitney ‘s relationship to her court case. Linda eventually reveals that Lee hit Whitney, as Gray later seeks further details from the Carter couple on Whitney ‘s marriage to their son.



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