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EastEnders fans puzzled by Karen ‘s exit 

EastEnders fans were seriously confused by Karen Taylor’s move away from Walford with baby Kayden because the way the characters responded made it look that she was going far, far away.

After Tuesday’s show, EastEnder’s viewers were scratching their heads, wondering if they’d missed something about Karen Taylor’s move away from Albert Square.

Karen and her baby grandson Kayden had drifted away from Walford, as Sharon Mitchell’s tot’s mom did not want him in her life or to be around him, as she grieved the death of her other son Denny.

During Tuesday night’s episode, Karen was set to make her exit, and Keegan Baker ‘s son decided he wanted to put up his sticks and move on to some issues in the square recently.

They were preparing to say their goodbyes, with Karen’s love interest Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) admitting that he found it too hard.

In the meanwhile, Keegan ‘s wife Tiffany (Maisie Smith) burst into tears when she discovered that she wanted to leave the square – and she was in it.

But the viewers were left seriously confused, as she had only planned to move to Croydon, which is also the London area.

One tweeted, “So Karen and Kayden are moving from Walford to Croydon?”

Another said: “Where does Karen f * * * go? Abroad?”

A third wrote: “Why we are far away from acting like Croydon, yes it is not down the road, but my gosh is so dramatic.”

And another added: “Why are the other side of the world acting like Croydon? Not every couple is living on the same street.”

EastEnders is set in the London E20 postcode, based around Stratford, approximately 20 miles from Croydon.
So while it’s not a million miles away, Karen and Billy, or Keegan and Tiff would still take a while to see each other regularly.

Fans do not need to worry, however, as Sharon announced at the end of the episode that she had told Karen not to move and she had a heart change about Kayden.


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