EastEnders heartbreak for Rainie Cross as she’s involved in shock accident

EastEnders‘ Rainie Cross will be left fearing for her baby next week after she’s involved in a horrifying collision with Keegan Baker.

A life-changing week for Rainie (Tanya Franks) sees her recruit Keegan’s young wife Tiffany in a beautician role at the funeral parlour.

With Tiffany in need of a new job for when she’s not at college, Rainie thinks she could be just who they’re looking for.

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Tiffany is overwhelmed with information and the more morbid aspects of her new job on her first day, but Rainie and Stuart do their best to make her feel welcome in their own quirky way.

But as Tiffany is thrown in at the deep end, Keegan can’t help but feel guilty that she’s only working to help him and sets off to make a romantic gesture.


Unfortunately, disaster strikes when Rainie – who is listening to a hypnobirthing app – steps into the road and in front of Keegan’s bike.

As the bike hits her, Rainie tumbles into the gutter and horrifies both Tiffany and Keegan when she tells them she’s pregnant.


When Rainie is taken to hospital, both she and Stuart and Rainie are left facing the music with their past transgressions, which will have lasting effects on their relationship. Can they move on and look to the future together? And what next for them now?

Discussing next week’s episodes, Ricky Champ – who plays Stuart – said: “Stuart has come pretty much full 180 from where he was last year and the reason for that is Rainie. Stuart’s anger is still there; to fully access it you have to do something bad to the woman he loves.”

Ricky added: “They have a similar history, and a similar damaged past, they have met on this journey together and come out of it. Their relationship grew.

“They started being really horrible to each other on their journey and actually realised they had a lot in common, and that they were really good for each other. There are lots of reasons, but the main one is that their paths crossed at the right time in their lives.

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