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EastEnders hints at cheating twist for Rainie Cross over Christmas

Stuart is still yet to tell her about his cancer diagnosis.

In future scenes over the Christmas period, EastEnders has hinted at an infidelity storyline for Rainie Cross.

It comes after Rainie’s husband Stuart Highway was diagnosed with male breast cancer as part of a new plotline that aired earlier this week.

After a few drinks, he acknowledged the truth to Sonia Fowler before becoming angry with her. Stuart, on the other hand, has yet to inform his own wife of the news, and it appears that she will remain in the dark for the foreseeable future.


Sonia will persuade Stuart to tell Rainie about his cancer diagnosis in scenes slated to air between Christmas and New Year.

Rainie and Callum, on the other hand, are unable to communicate with Stuart, despite their best efforts, because they are clueless of what is truly going on.

Rainie tries to distract herself while partying at The Albert by receiving a drink from an attractive man.

Is she willing to go behind Stuart’s back for a passionate night?

For the Stuart plotline, EastEnders collaborated with Macmillan Cancer Support to increase awareness of male breast cancer.

“It’s fantastic to see EastEnders broadcast this extremely essential and sad storyline,” said Dany Bell of Macmillan Cancer Support. We hope it inspires individuals to become more aware of breast cancer symptoms, check their own chests on a regular basis, and seek treatment if necessary.

“Macmillan is here to offer advice and support to anyone affected by the plot, and we advise anyone having cancer-related signs or symptoms to see their doctor.”


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