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EastEnders hints Rocky’s secret will be exposed at Christmas – but who has the letter?

Sonia’s world could be about to come crumbling down.

Rocky from EastEnders could have his huge secret revealed on Christmas Day.

Viewers are aware that Rocky (Brian Conley) is Dotty’s uncle Tom, who has been hired by his niece to defraud Sonia of her inheritance money.

Rocky’s shame over his web of falsehoods will grow stronger over the holidays, but the minor problem of that letter will also loom large.


Rocky sent a confession letter to Sonia before collapsing from a heart attack last week, but when Dotty went to get it, it had vanished.

Rocky will be caught between a rock and a hard place as Christmas approaches, as both Sonia and Kathy expect him to spend the day with them.

Rocky becomes angered by Dotty’s depressed attitude after devising a method to address the situation. Rocky loses his cool and says some hurtful things about Sandy, which hurts Dotty.

When Sonia’s oven breaks, she is no longer able to cook the dinner, Christmas Day threatens to devolve into pandemonium.

Rocky offers they go to Kathy’s, but Dotty is determined to sabotage his scheme and advises they phone Stuart to repair it.

Dotty is enraged and uses the opportunity to confront Rocky about what he said about her mother the day before.

When Stuart comes, he hands Sonia a note with her name on it that he found.

Rocky pauses when he realises what it is, but is his secret about to be revealed?


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