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EastEnders indicates a heartbreaking split between Tiffany Butcher and Keegan Baker



Tiffany Butcher will be left devastated by EastEnder’s teen next week as she continues to be rejected by her husband Keegan Baker. The young couple appeared to be back on track last week after a few difficulties this year until Keegan’s latest discovery had torn them apart again. Keegan had been devastated when a gang of thugs vandalized his food truck. He hadn’t taken out insurance to make matters worse-meaning there was nothing he could do.

Tiffany had angered Keegan before the incident by stepping in to defend him when one of the men wrongly assumed that he was selling drugs. With Keegan still furious with Tiffany, and desperate for a fresh start, the coming scenes will see him making a difficult decision to move away with his mom Karen. Viewers know that Karen is planning to move out of Walford with her baby grandson Kayden – and Keegan will shock her by asking her to leave with them as well.

Still unaware of this when he arrives next week, Tiffany is surprised to bump into Keegan in the café, but he’s left devastated when he makes it clear that he doesn’t want to speak to her. Hurt, Tiffany leaves soon but arranges to see Keegan later, so that they can talk things through properly. However, as Tiffany prepares to meet with Keegan, is she really ready to hear what he has to say?


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