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EastEnders’ Michelle Collins reveals Adam Woodrat was a huge support after her mum died

Michelle Collins has opened up about her bond with Adam Woodrat and how much her former co-star assisted her after her mother passed away.

The actress, 59, who portrayed Cindy Beale, the previous wife of Ian Beale, played by Adam, 53, in EastEnders, stated that the two had been closer in recent years than they have ever been.

Michelle disclosed in May that her mother had died after a fight with cancer, and she claims Adam has been a huge help to her in recent months.

‘Kind of strangely, Adam and I have gotten closer over the last probably 10 years,’ she added. We were a little bit… you know, when we were working together.

Adam Woodyatt was a huge support to Michelle Collins after her mother died

Adam had pretty well given away that he was going on I’m A Celebrity…, she joked. ‘Get Me Out Of Here,’ he says. “Is it true you’re going in Adam?” I asked. “Well, I can’t tell you anything,” he continued, “except that I’m in Wales and I’m isolating.” ‘How does that make you feel?’

Michelle had previously said in August that she planned to bury part of her mother’s ashes with the rose tree Adam had given her in her mother’s remembrance.

‘When my mother died three months ago, I got a lot of beautiful flowers, but I also got this plant from a friend of mine, Adam Woodyatt,’ she said at the time.

“Special Mum,” it says. These lovely pink blooms. I’m going to place it in the garden, along with some of my mother’s ashes.


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