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EastEnders reveals aftermath of Keegan’s attack as Tiffany makes a big gesture

Last week, EastEnders aired some really sad scenes in which Keegan Baker was attacked by Aaron Monroe’s far-right associates. Karen Taylor, assuming it was Keegan’s estranged wife Tiffany Butcher’s fault, told her that the family no longer wanted anything to do with her, which devastated Tiff.

Following those occurrences, Isaac Baptiste will begin digging for the truth in episodes airing next week, while Tiffany will make a major gesture.


In the next scenes, Neil lies to the police and claims he has no knowledge who attacked Keegan, which is overseen by Lola Pearce and Issac. Isaac becomes sceptical and inquires about Aaron’s knowledge of Neil, which he denies.

Lexi is enraged by Isaac’s reaction and rushes up to Ben, who is irritated that Isaac has scared his daughter. He makes amends with them by putting on a Nativity with Lexi in the lead role of Mary and apologising to Aaron.

He’s still suspicious, and when he sees Tiffany anonymously donate a large sum of money to Keegan’s collection bucket, he’s relieved to see that she still cares for her ex. Will Tiff reunite with Keegan and show Aaron the door when her exit airs in less than two weeks, or will she start over without any of them?


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