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EastEnders’ Sharon Watts to get devastating news about baby Alyssa

Sharon Watts of EastEnders will learn the tragic news about her baby granddaughter Alyssa tonight (December 20).

Jada (Letitia Dean) vanished with the child last month, leaving Sharon (Letitia Dean) heartbroken thanks to some ill-timed involvement from her brother Zack.

When Sharon began to distrust Alyssa’s genuine intentions, Sharon and Jada’s cordial accord regarding Alyssa’s future fell apart.


As a result, Sharon told Zack and Phil that she intended to seek full custody of Alyssa, but she soon realized that her concerns about Jada were unfounded.

Unfortunately, the harm had already been done because Zack had told Jada about Sharon’s plans, which had made her nervous.

Since that fateful day, Sharon hasn’t seen or heard from Jada, causing her ex-husband Phil to hire a private investigator.

On tonight’s episode, Phil will inform Sharon that his private investigator has not been able to locate Jada.

With Sharon heartbroken by the news, Zack is compelled to suppress his remorse, knowing that he is to blame for Jada’s departure.

Zack offers that he and Martin decorate Sharon’s house with Christmas decorations to cheer her up.

Unfortunately, this just helps to exacerbate the situation when they accidentally break Denny’s angel, much to Sharon’s dismay.

Zack then goes to The Vic to drown, where he confesses to Nancy that he is to fault for all that has happened.

Nancy then inadvertently tells Martin about it, but will he keep Zack’s secret or not?


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