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EastEnders’ Shona McCarty involved in car bump with another driver

EastEnders star Shona was seen talking to the other driver shortly after the incident 

Shona McGarty of EastEnders was involved in a car accident as another vehicle slammed into hers from behind.

Shona, who portrays Whitney Dean in the BBC One serial, was seen interacting with the other motorist shortly after the accident in London this morning.

Whitney has been played by the 30-year-old since 2008.

Whitney is now embroiled in a major plot that will culminate in a dramatic climax during the holidays when she discovers the truth about serial killer Gray Atkins.

So far, Gray has taken the lives of three inhabitants: Chantelle’s wife, Tina Carter, and Kush Kazemi, both long-time residents.

Whitney makes it her mission to stop Chelsea Fox from marrying Gray on Christmas Day and reveal the killer for who he really is.

Shona, 30, has portrayed Whitney in EastEnders since 2008

Shona told Metro.co.uk, “She’s scared,” hinting to what fans may expect in Walford this holiday season.

‘Whitney and Chelsea have developed a strong bond, and she is quite protective of her. She suspects Gray of murdering Chantelle, so when Chelsea calls and says, “Help me, help me,” she ditches everything and flees.

‘Whitney has known Gray for a long time and has observed several troubling behaviours, such as hostility.

Shona was pictured getting back into her car 

‘I think she put it down to the fact that he’d lost his wife, that he’s a single dad, and that it’s all very difficult for him, but the warning flags are now there, and she’s expecting to find out that there’s more to it and that he’s not a very pleasant person.’

‘She is unquestionably endangering her own life.’

‘Whitney is a selfless person. She’s the kind of person who would risk her own life to save someone else.’

Shona’s representatives have been contacted for comment by Metro.co.uk.


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