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EastEnders spoilers: After Honey drops ‘big news’ on return, Billy Mitchell leaves Karen

EASTENDERS star Billy Mitchell has long been unlucky-in-love and is now attempting to negotiate an increasingly difficult love triangle with Karen Taylor and Mitch Baker. But with his ex-wife Honey set to come back in the coming months, could she drop some huge news on her return that will change everything?

EastEnders viewers have seen a blossoming romance between Billy (played by Perry Fenwick) and Karen (Lorraine Stanley) after the pair have grown closer in recent months. But with Karen’s ex Mitch (Roger Griffiths) still around, their relationship wasn’t as simple as they had hoped and with Billy’s ex Honey (Emma Barton) soon set to be back on the picture,

Long-term BBC soap fans will recall Honey and Billy fell for each other quickly after the former arrived in Walford back in 2005. The pair soon struck up a relationship after becoming firm friends and later got engaged and had two sons, Janet and William (Freddie Phillips). However, their marriage later broke down and when Billy had a one-night stand with Tina Carter (Luisa Bradshaw-White) it looked to be the end of the road.

The ex-partners both moved on in the years to follow and Honey later fell for smooth talk dentist Adam Bateman (Stephen Rahman-Hughes). But Adam later began a newcomer affair with Habiba Ahmed (Rukku Nahar) who was later rumbled by her sister Iqra (Priya Davdra)-who said, Honey.

Honey found it difficult to accept the affair initially in denial and failed to confront her boyfriend over his secret romance. It came soon after girlfriend Ash (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) realized that Honey had eating disorder symptoms and confronted her with the truth. Last last year, Honey finally gained the courage to expose the lovers in Queen Vic and he subsequently left the Square.

Honey dealt with her bulimia after the fallout of the divorce and then opted to go to stay with her aunt in an effort to get back on track, leaving Billy with the babies. Billy has found love with matriarch Karen elsewhere since Honey ‘s departure and the pair ‘s relationship has continued to grow. However, in the form of Mitch, who admitted earlier this year he was still in love with Karen, there was an obvious obstacle in the way.

Karen insisted she did not feel the same and her sights have remained set on Billy, with the latter soon becoming jealous of his lover’s strong bond with Mitch. Mitch and Billy’s final instalments of the soap saw a physical altercation as they upped their rivalry to win Karen’s affection. Yet if Honey returns later this year will there be another spanner in the works?

People will know Emma Barton-who plays the lovable girl-has taken a break from EastEnders to perform in Strictly Come Dancing, where she finished third last year. But with the actress probably heading back to the soap in the near future, is she going to try to take Billy back? Despite the fact that the two hadn’t been married for a couple of years, they remained together and became good co-parents to Janet and William.

Billy was also among the first to spot Honey having an eating disorder and was keen to make sure she was all right. He said that he would support her through anything and the pair clearly have feelings underneath the surface that will surely be addressed upon her return-could Honey profess her love for Billy? Might this-along with the potential loss of Billy’s relationship with Karen-be an indication that they should rekindle their relationship when they return to the Square? EastEnders returns to BBC One later this year




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