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EastEnders spoilers: Death twist, terror attack horror, big return


Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) continues to play a risky game with serial killer Gray Atkins in EastEnders, which promises a lot of drama (Toby-Alexander Smith). Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) is terrified for her; will she be able to save her?

Meanwhile, Aaron Monroe (Charlie Wernham) is confronted with the consequences of his actions as the truth emerges, and Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) is in need of assistance.

Pam Coker (Lin Blakely) makes a welcome comeback…

Tuesday January 11 Part One

Neil reappears, accuses Aaron of being a weed, and pushes him into a wall. Harvey tells him to leave, but Neil threatens Dana if he doesn’t.

Aaron devises a strategy to persuade the rest of the gang that Neil has gone insane. He subsequently reports that his strategy worked, but that he now needs to fill Neil’s shoes by directing the business in Manchester.

Chelsea is encouraged by Whitney to continue playing the long game with Gray. Chelsea cooks dinner for Gray in order to put on a pleasant family show.

Dotty is informed by Vinny that until she starts paying rent, Suki will evict her from the bedsit. Dotty applies for a job with Nancy but is turned down. Zack sees Dotty at the club with a sleeping bag and encourages her to seek help from Sonia.

Tuesday January 11 Part Two

Aaron insists that taking the job is the only way to keep his family safe, despite Harvey’s reservations.

Later, in the club, Bobby spills a drink on Aaron and notices something that concerns him. Dana is the one with whom he communicates his anxieties. Despite Dana’s confrontation with her brother, Aaron accuses Bobby of manipulating her and advises her to join him in Manchester.

Dotty suggests to Vinny that if he finds her a place to live, they may try things romantically. He offers to cover the cost of the bedsit and then invites her out to dinner.

Callum requests that Phil take a break from Ben, but Ben is unimpressed.

Thursday January 13

Harvey gives Aaron some money and urges him not to leave, but Aaron stands firm and speaks his mind. Harvey is distraught by the row.

Bobby arrives later, and the cops arrive shortly after that.

Keegan tells Dotty the truth about her behavior. When Vinny asks Dotty out on a second date, she declines. Dotty tells Vinny what Keegan said after he accuses her of stringing him along.

Rainie pursues Mick after learning of his breakup with Linda. Mick then passes out from a panic attack.

Pam pays a visit to Ben after learning about the attack. Pam consoles Ben as he breaks down.

Friday January 14

Rainie helps Mick recover from his panic episode and then confides in him about his grief over Abi’s death. When Stuart sees the two of them together, he becomes suspicious.

Ben is the subject of an intervention staged by Kathy, Phil, and Callum. He tells them he’s weary of fighting and is concerned about his safety.


Phil informs Isaac that he has no desire to associate with grasses or their families. Lola is enraged with Phil because of the way he addressed Isaac.


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