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EastEnders spoilers: Janine sets out to seduce Mick from Linda


Of course, that’s simply her formal job, and Janine is considerably more committed in her various side hustles than she is in following in Peggy Mitchell’s footsteps.

In recent episodes, Janine has already demonstrated her abilities to Mick. Janine took action after an argument with Peter (Dayle Hudson) over the Christmas tree, enlisting Mick’s help to cut the tree down!

But, as she turns her attention to her employer, Mick, may her interest in the pub become a little more focused and personal?

When Nancy (Maddy Hill) inquires about Linda’s annual Christmas grotto for the Vic, Mick makes it clear that the grotto plan is on hold while she is away.

With Linda still remaining with her mother, Janine notices that Mick and Linda’s relationship is strained, and she resolves to cheer him up.

But how far would Janine go to make his Christmas special?

What will Nancy’s reaction be when she finds out what Janine is up to?


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