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EastEnders spoilers: Louise Mitchell ‘returns’ with Sharon in an explosive Queen Vic showdown

EASTENDERS ‘Louise Mitchell fled the Square earlier this year in the aftermath of Keanu Taylor’s murder plot but could be set to make an explosive comeback as fans picked up on a huge clue dropped by Phil Mitchell.
Louise Mitchell (played by Tilly Keeper), Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) and Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) were all involved in the spectacularly backfired plot to kill Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) that resulted in the young mum fleeing EastEnders. But, when his life was plotted by Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), the dodgy dealer hinted his father would eventually return to the Square.

The Mitchells were convinced that Keanu had been killed over the Christmas period of last year but they had no idea that Martin Fowler (James Bye) would let him go. The teenager struggled as a single mum to adjust to life, and she was overcome by the remorse she felt about Keanu’s ‘death.’

Sharon and Louise both became pregnant with Keanu ‘s baby and her step-mother ‘s actions affected the girl tremendously. Lisa Fowler (Lucy Benjamin) was shocked to learn that Louise was interested in Phil’s scheme of vengeance when she watched the mind of her daughter achieve the best.

Louise started to hate her daughter and worried that Peggy would believe she had played a part in the death of Keanu. As Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) complained to police about Phil and Ben, the Mitchells feared they would be arrested and fled the Area.

Louise, baby Peggy, Lisa and Phil all fled to Portugal earlier this year before the dodgy dealer returned to the City. However, while discussing his plans with Sharon to buy Queen Vic, Phil has suggested Louise is set to return.

He said: “When we move into the Vic, I might just hang on to this place, let Ben take it on. “So Lexi and Lola have a place to live and Louise when she returns with the baby”She is bound to soon become sick of living with Lisa, isn’t she? When she discovered what Sharon had done, Louise was humiliated, and will not be happy to discover that her step-mum got one over on Phil.

Will Louise return to EastEnders to take vengeance on Sharon, now that the blonde bombshell has reclaimed her Queen Vic position? One Reddit user, Ginaraquel47, theoretician: there were some rumblings about Louise coming back, particularly with Phil making that remark about leaving Ben’s house and definitely no longer wanting to stay with Lisa.

“I don’t see why she couldn’t come out, now that the Keanu stuff has blown over. “I have always loved her relationship with Ben and we need to re-build the Mitchell family. I know that Tilly Keeper is now on another show, but I want to see it.

But another fan disagreed: “I think as usual [EastEnders] ruined her by plunging her into a baby, she ran her course. This way, they have ruined Lauren, Abi, Cindy, Louise and Roxy. Another added: “No see it, she has nothing to be there for now, and the Mitchell women, as you call them, have no real substance over Sharon, and Lola is on the sidelines for the most part.”

But the initial fan hit back: “I still think if they bring back the Sam [Mitchell] from Kim Metcalf, there’s a place for her. Now there is some momentum I can get behind aunt niece. Would Louise come to the Square or will she decide to lie low and pop up with Keanu in the future?


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