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Eastenders Spoilers:Dotty reveals Ian truth to Sharon

After selling drugs again and blaming Ian, EastEnders’ Dotty is confronted by police, making her a big threat.
This week EastEnders will see a furious Dotty Cotton telling Ian Beale she will tell Sharon Watts the truth about the death of her son Dennis Rickman.

Dennis was killed at the boat party in February when Ian locked him below deck after finding out he was playing a part in the abuse of Bobby Beale. Dotty has been blackmailing Ian since she found out the information, and telling him she will tell Sharon.

The teen is furious as she believes Ian has set her up with the police who are raiding her home and found out she has been dealing with drugs again. Police question Dotty-but the viewers will have to tune in to find out what’s going to happen next.

She began selling NOS again at Ruby’s despite Ruby warning her not to do and the fact that Bobby collapsed last time she sold drugs. From Out of an overdose. In the meanwhile, Ian spotted Dotty kissing his son Peter, and informed Bobby who had broken his heart as he had crushed Dotty.

Ian is furious that Peter has kissed Dotty as she has been making a hell of his life for months, but how does he react to her threat to tell Sharon all this? And she’ll follow through? Elsewhere, Phil Mitchell wants Mick Carter to sign the papers to finalize the Queen Vic contract, but Linda rages at Phil and says she doesn’t want to sell him the pub.

Later, Mick asks Sharon for her help to convince Linda to sell The Vic to Phil because he’s worried about Linda’s drinking and wants to get rid of it before it’s too late. Sharon can’t help, nor agree that Linda needs to get out of the pub, and she takes matters into her own hands.

Who’s going to end up owning Queen Vic?


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