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EastEnders star Nina Wadia was punched by a fan over Zainab’s homophobic comments

Nina Wadia, a former EastEnders actress, has stated that a fan of the program once assaulted her because she was mistaken for her homophobic character.

The actress, who played Zainab Masood on the BBC One soap, remembers several “scary” experiences from her time on the show.

‘You’re one of them,’ she replied, referring to the serial drama’s devoted following. ‘It’s gotten to the point where there’s both good and evil.’

‘I had scary incidents leaving the studio where I was driving out one
day and this guy jumped in my car and said, “Oh, can you sign this
photo?”. And I went, “Get out of my car.”

Nina, 52, then said that she was once accosted by a fan over Zainab’s homophobic treatment of her son Syed.

She told the Brydon & podcast, ‘And they’ll tell you what they think of you as your character.’

‘I had this woman in the supermarket who hit me on the arm when I was portraying this homophobe.’

‘She said: “My son’s gay and you’re disgusting’, and walked off.”

Nina took part in the latest season of Strictly Come Dancing. She wowed fans in Week 1 with her Samba, which she performed alongside Neil Jones.

In Week 2, she followed up with a Tango, but she was the first celebrity to be removed from the show.


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