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EastEnders star Toby-Alexander Smith explains Kiss drama between Gray and Whitney

Toby-Alexander Smith, EastEnder’s star, talked to Digital Spy about the turn for Gray Atkins and Whitney Dean.

Episodes from this week see Whitney trying to kiss Gray as they continue to work together on preparations for her upcoming trial. Fans have already seen signs that Whitney is developing feelings for Gray as he is building up her case for the defense, But this is the first time she’s been acting on them.

Speaking to Digital Spy about whether Gray ‘s feeling for Whitney, Toby explains, “I think it’s certainly strictly professional at this stage. He sees her as a friend of Chantelle. Now, he considers her more of a friend – obviously, they’ve been working on this case for too long. “But it’s obviously strictly professional. At the moment, his main plan is to keep Whitney positive and focused on the trial. She’s getting more and more nervous, and his job is to keep her calm and in control because it is too important for him to win this case. “It ‘s important for Gray to massage his ego, and he enjoys it.”

Asked if Whitney ‘s romantic move was coming out of the blue, Toby responded, “I think so. He ‘s certainly caught off guard, and it’s obviously not part of the plan. He didn’t do anything in his eyes to make that happen – he’s just trying to be encouraging and positive. “But now it adds another pressure. He ‘s aware that Chantelle and Whitney are nearby, and now they have to have a conversation with Chantelle. It made the case more personal than he would have liked. This comes as Gray’s paranoia is also once again becoming an issue of marriage to Chantelle.

Gray installed a tracking device on his car and gets annoyed when he sees that he made a mysteriousStratford trip. This occurred recently when Ben Mitchell stole it from The Arches, but Gray suspects Chantelle has an affair with her boss, Kheerat Panesar. Toby said, “It’s his paranoia. certainly escalating, and he’s definitely on edge. To keep Chantelle in his control, he would go to any lengths.

“He ‘s very suspicious of Chantelle and what’s going on in the call center. His mind jumps to the conclusion that she has an affair with Kheerat, and that he begins to accuse her of that.



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