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Emily Symons just spilled a very juicy behind-the-scenes secret from the set of Home And Away

Fans have tuned in for decades as Marylin Chambers strives to pursue her happily ever after.

She’s seen marriages like Phil Bryant (Vince Martin) and Donald Fisher (Norman Coburn) collapse over the years, although most recently, after her third marriage to John Palmer (Shane Withington) crashed down, she suffered another tragic blow.
But the bubbly blonde is finally prepared to dip her toe back into the dating arena as the dust settles on their sad split.

In an online dating app, Marylin tries her hand only to unintentionally match none other than her ex-husband, John!

And it turns out some of the crew members working on the show were actually the men’s profiles that popped up on the screen before John’s.

“We had a lot of fun with this! Maz ventures into online dating and unintentionally matches her former husband,” the star explained alongside a video of the hilarious scene from her Instagram page.

“Fun fact: all the matches were our lovely members of the crew, I’m looking at you @scottmgsinclair @bobmiller17 @matthewtgrossman @adrian.valero Well-played @gregstone7, thank you for this,” announced Emily.

Co-stars from Emily’s Home And Away were swift to comment on her message, sharing just how much amusement it had brought them.

Lynne McGranger, who plays Irene Roberts, said Some much-needed hilarity.”
Hahahaaaaa! This is the best! Also, Em, you are so brilliantly funny… you make me laugh out loud all the time,” explained Penny McNamee, who plays Dr. Tori Morgan.”

“This is brilliant,” admitted former Home And Away star Erika Heynatz.
The scene was also praised by Home And Away fans when lobbying for the pair to get back together.

“Love this When Maz accidentally clicked on John’s match, my family and I all cracked up laughing,” one person noted.

“Was funny. I miss u and John tho together. It was a great match.”
“Go back with John, please!!!!! The best couple ever.”

Speaking up about the tragic breakup between Marylin and John, Emily told The Morning Show: “It was a long ride, let me tell you.”

“It’s like a real marriage. We did a lot of sad stories, with the siege of the hospital, and then with PTSD for Marilyn.”

She explained that a “natural development” for the pair was the emotional storyline.
“The 51-year-old admitted, “We did not need to plan because the partnership had been disintegrating for quite a while.

“It’s really sad because all the happy and funny scenes we used to do have dried up.”


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