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Emmerdale actress Paige Sandhu admits show fans make her “nervous”


EMMERDALE’S Paige Sandhu has admitted fans of the show make her a bit “nervous”.

Paige Sandhu, 24, portrays Meena Jutla, an infamous serial killer on Emmerdale. Paige has been at the center of some of Emmerdale’s most dramatic storylines despite joining the soap barely over a year ago.

The nasty nurse has murdered a number of well-known members of the community, and it appears that her assassination spree is far from ended.

Paige has stated that the attention she receives for portraying such a disliked character might take its toll after a spectacular year that ended with a fatal explosion in the Woolpack.

Paige said that Emmerdale fans made her uneasy in an interview with the Sunday Mirror’s Notebook magazine.

She said: “I must admit, when I see fans waiting outside the studio, I do get a bit nervous.

“It’s a completely new experience because I’ve been working through Covid and not really had to deal with that kind of thing.

“However, I’d rather embrace it than shy away.”

The actress has already spoken out about her anxiousness, which was at its worst when she earned her Emmerdale part.

“When I left theater school, I was a pretty worried person,” she previously told the publication. I was struggling since I couldn’t find work.

“The anxiety took the form of insomnia. Life was hard and a struggle.”

Paige says she’s learned to cope now that she’s going through a difficult moment.

She said: “I felt a little bit anxious recently over nothing I could put my finger on, so I did some yoga and meditation and it made me feel like a different person.  

“As long as you take care of yourself, anxiety won’t feel as overwhelming. That’s what my experience has taught me.  

“When I look back on when it was really bad, I feel grateful for that time, because I learnt how looking after my diet, my sleep and my mental health all adds up.”

If Paige ever feels on edge, she can always turn to Rebecca Sarker, who plays her on-screen sister Manpreet Sharma, for assistance.

“We’re constantly texting and sending each other audio notes on WhatsApp,” Paige continued. Rebecca is always there for me when I’m worried or need to vent about something.”

“We talk a lot outside of work,” Rebecca added. We’ve both been so busy that it’s been difficult for us to socialize in any conventional sense, but if I had to socialize with anyone, it’d be her!”

It follows an eventful Christmas in the Dales, in which Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) set fire to the Woolpack tavern after failing to obtain the deeds to the land.

Meena and her sister Manpreet were both near the tavern when the terrifying explosion occurred.


Both sisters are alive, but Manpreet is in a coma, and Meena appears to have confirmed that her sister is next on her hit list.

Meena made a scary threat while alone with her sister in her hospital bed in terrifying circumstances.

The serial killer said: “Come on sis, what are you waiting for? We both know what needs to happen. Time to slip away gracefully. Please don’t make me do it for you.”


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