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Emmerdale confirms big Manpreet Sharma twist after explosion with Meena


Manpreet Sharma has awoken and recalls her sister Meena Jutla’s murderous history in Emmerdale.

On Christmas Day, a bomb at the pub injured Manpreet just as she was facing Meena with accusations about her dark tendencies, resulting in a heated fight between the two.

Meena was pummeled and wounded in the hospital, but she was back on her feet and cautiously looking out the window as Charles prayed for a miracle at Manpreet’s bedside in Monday’s episode.

When Meena tried to explain to Charles that her sister didn’t want to be resuscitated, Charles informed her that Manpreet had awoken!

When Manpreet noticed Meena standing above her bed, she started having heart problems right away. Meena dismissed Charles and told the medical staff that she’d be keeping an eye on their work as a “reassuring face.”

Meena informed the medics she’d keep an eye on her sister once Manpreet was stabilized, and when she was alone, she left her comatose sibling with a scary threat.

“You’ve really done it this time, meddling in my private business, following me, snooping,” Meena raged. “Why didn’t you back off when I warned you? You don’t know when to stop! You’ve driven me to this. Making me lose my only sister.”

When Manpreet awoke and pretended she had no recall of the events leading up to the explosion, Meena brought out a hypodermic needle to silence her sister forever. Meena has now saved her life.

A nurse walked in and commented on how close Meena and Manpreet must be when Meena was away bringing her some water.

When Manpreet paused over the nurse’s reminiscences of their youth, he told her that her memories will return with time.

“I don’t need time,” she answered. “I remember everything about my sister.”

While Manpreet may believe she has the upper hand against Meena for the time being, upcoming spoilers indicate that after Meena returns home, she will be more dangerous than ever.


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