Emmerdale couple torn apart as Liam Cavanagh lets Chas Dingle romance slip

After learning that Chas Dingle on Emmerdale was having an affair with the late Al Chapman, Paddy Kirk of the ITV soap opera severed his relationship with her. The village veterinarian, though, might still harbor affections for her.

In upcoming episodes of Emmerdale, Lucy Pargeter’s character Chas Dingle appears to be on track to inadvertently turn her ex-husband green with envy.

Liam unintentionally tells Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) and Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) that he had a sexual encounter with Chas the previous day in scenes that have not yet aired.

Evidently taken aback, Paddy tries to project confidence as Liam and Mandy appear uncomfortable, the latter of whom is worried about how much Paddy is agitated about the revelation.

Chas is so upset that she confronts Liam about Paddy because she thinks he’ll find out about the lump in her breast as well.

Liam assures Chas he did not mention the lump to her ex-husband, but it is concerned when Chas continues to panic at any mention of the issue.

Doctor Liam strongly advises Chas to see a physician in case the lump turns out to be malignant.

But even though Paddy is dating Mandy, is it possible that he still harbors romantic feelings for Chas?

Will he see Liam as a potential love rival vying for his ex-wife’s affection and turn against him?

If Paddy discovers that Chas has a lump in her breast, how will he respond? She is the mother of their child, and it is obvious that he still cares for her.

According to ITV soap opera spoilers, Chas does get her lump checked out and is devastated to learn she has breast cancer.

The Emmerdale mainstay quickly becomes anxious because she lost her mother to the disease last year, but she is reluctant to talk to anyone about it.

Producer of Emmerdale Regarding Chas’ forthcoming plot, producer Kate Brooks stated: “We were acutely aware of how important it was to explore this when this story was first pitched.

Given Chas’ strong character and her family’s history of breast cancer, we wanted to highlight the impact not only on her but also on her immediate family. Chas is, after all, the cornerstone of the Dingles.

“We knew Lucy Pargeter was the perfect character to play this with because of her natural ability to highlight Chas’s vulnerabilities beneath her toughened exterior.”

At some point, Chas might have to disclose her illness to her loved ones, including Paddy and their daughter Eve.

Will Paddy break up with Mandy in order to help Chas during this difficult time?

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