Emmerdale ‘exit’ for Charity Dingle as fans ‘work out’ worrying health diagnosis

Charity Dingle of Emmerdale was shocked to learn on Friday that she had a grandson she didn’t even know about.
After Friday night’s episode, Emmerdale viewers believe Charity Dingle (played by Emma Atkins) may be leaving the show. In the episode, Oscar (Harley Hamilton), the son of Gail Loman (Rachael Gill-Davis) and Ryan Stocks (James Moore), arrived in the village and undoubtedly caused some agitation.

Charity saw Oscar for the first time when she saw the child attempting to steal wine and chocolates from Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell). Afterwards, he ran into Charity once more, and when Gail appeared, the pub owner realized her son Ryan had been lying to her about Oscar for all these years.

The owner of Woolpack was devastated and felt she had failed as a mother to Ryan for withholding such a significant information from her. “You hate me that much that you’d prefer to suffer in silence?” Charity asked Ryan during tense moments.

Ryan asked in confusion, “What?” and then clarified, “I don’t hate you.”

“Will you let him speak?” Prior to Charity yelling, Gail begged, “Will you butt out, this is between me and him.”

“It’s not actually it is between all three of us,” Gail fumed back. “But you’re making it about you. You’re such an attention-seeker.

“This has been really tough for us, never mind the shock of Oscar coming back into our lives, but he has also been ill. Like life and death ill, but all you can think of is poor Charity.

“Just because Ryan didn’t tell you doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you.”

Gail quickly apologised for her outburst and pleaded: “Please don’t hate me!”

“You’re right, I don’t hate you.” Because I know he loves me, I am selfish,” Charity remarked.

Near the conclusion of the show, Charity was seen burning a newspaper that had reported on Damon’s (Robert Beck) passing while she was still in shock over the Oscar news.

Given that she shot him, could she be finding it harder to cope than she is letting on?

Fans discussed their predictions for what will happen next on X, formerly known as Twitter, after the week’s final episode. Many predict that Charity will have a mental breakdown.

One fan said: “Charity’s already having PTSD after what happened with Harry. This could push her over the edge now.”

Another penned: “Oh man Charity’s losing it.” While a third wrote: “Oh no Charity. After everything she will be leaving soon for a break you watch.”

“Charity is soon going to have a mental breakdown,” a fourth viewer said as another went on: “Poor Charity. She’s obviously not coping and Mack who was there is obviously being self-centered and a t*** somewhere to even care.”

“I’m glad they’re finally focusing on her mental health and all that she has been through, I’m very interested to see where they’re going with it,” a fifth commented.

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