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Emmerdale exit for Harriet Finch as she makes life-changing decision on Christmas Day?


Harriet Finch, the vicar of Emmerdale, maybe leaving the community shortly as she considers her future with the church.

Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) from Emmerdale has had a difficult time recently, as she has battled to come to terms with her role in Mark Malone’s death (Mark Womack).

Harriet has felt bad for keeping Mark’s death a secret and involving Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) and Dawn Tylor even though he is dead and buried (Olivia Bromley). Now that her life appears to be back on track, Harriet is prepared to make a major decision around the holidays.

In later episodes, Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) is taken aback when Harriet informs him that her final duty was on Christmas Day.

Harriet takes one last look at St. Mary’s as she walks home from church and removes her dog collar.

Harriet braces herself for her new destiny, but what it involves is yet unknown.

Harriet might be prepared for a big plot or bow out after being in the background in recent months.

Many people in the community would be disappointed to see Harriet depart, and some might even try to stop her.

It’s also possible that Dawn will put a stop to Harriet’s preparations to depart.

Dawn is poised to reunite with Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) over the holidays, according to Emmerdale fans.

Billy, on the other hand, is still seeing Meena Jutla, a serial killer (Paige Sandhu).

The murdering nurse is outraged when Billy informs her that he is still in love with Dawn.

Meena announces she is pregnant in an attempt to push the new couple apart.

Billy insists on assisting Meena with the baby, but Dawn states that she will not stand in the way of her lover and his child.

Meena will be even more enraged when she discovers that Billy and Dawn plan to stay together, and fans know how far she will go to spoil their happiness.

Harriet will not want to leave Dawn’s side if Meena attacks her, and she may vow to seek vengeance on her behalf.

If Dawn needs Harriet, will she truly leave the village? And what does she have up her sleeve?

When it was recently announced that Harriet wanted to rejoin the police department, fans were outraged.

“Harriet was suspended from the police force for wrongdoing,” Paul wrote on Twitter. However, he has now joined the police force. Writers are unconcerned about reality. #Emmerdale.”

@ED_ition shared: “Harriet. Corrupt ex cop works with other corrupt cop Malone undercover to catch Will Taylor. Has sex with both men. Will, jail. Now a vicar.


“Reunites with Will. Sex with Malone & Cain in the vestry. Dawn kills Malone. Harriet & Will bury the body. Back to being a cop #Emmerdale.”

However, Ryan Glendenning cheerfully added: “Harriet wants to join the police force again. #Emmerdale.”


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