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Emmerdale exit for Tracy Metcalfe after Nate turns back on daughter Frankie?


After her partner, Nate Robinson’s adultery is discovered and he turns his back on his daughter Frankie, EMMERDALE might see Tracy Metcalfe leave.

ITV viewers have been suspicious of Nate Robinson (played by Jurell Carter) in recent episodes of Emmerdale after they suspected him of cheating on his girlfriend Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh). When Fiona, a newcomer to the village, showed up wanting to see Nate, it was later confirmed that he had slept with her.

Despite keeping his affair hidden, Nate’s guilt overtakes him in subsequent scenes of the drama, and he confesses to Tracy.

Up until now, Tracy and Nate had been working on getting their relationship back on track.

The honeymoon phase, however, was short-lived when Tracy realized her life partner had slept with someone else.

When Nate’s father, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), learns that Tracy has kicked him out of the house for cheating, he is enraged.

Cain is enraged by his son’s behavior and refuses to let him live with him.

Nate tries to make amends with Tracy and returns home in the hopes of seeing his daughter Frankie.

Nate is swiftly turned away by Tracy’s half-sister, Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick).

Tracy is heartbroken since Nate has made no attempt to see Frankie since his admittance.

Vanessa, on the other hand, is concealing a secret from her.

Tracy subsequently learns that Nate attempted to visit their daughter after overhearing Vanessa discussing it with Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins).

When Nate informed Tracy he’d remained at Ellis Chapman’s (Aaron Anthony) residence, Tracy realized he’d lied to her.

“Thanks for the hospitality and all that but he won’t be kipping on your sofa any time soon,” Tracy said to a confused Ellis.

“You what?” he asked as Tracy replied: “Him, staying at yours last night.”

“Last night?” Ellis quizzed again as Tracy looked at Nate for answers.

“No, don’t worry, Ellis I think it’s pretty obvious he didn’t stay at yours at all, did he?” Tracy added.

“Stop lying to me,” Tracy told Nate. “Where were you?”

Nate replied: “My phone was smashed, and I couldn’t get a taxi so this girl said I could use hers.”


“What girl?” Tracy asked as Nate replied: “Just this girl who was at the bar.

“She said I could use her landline, but I collapsed on her sofa as soon as I got to her place.”

“You stayed at some girl’s house?” Tracy raged with Nate defending: “I swear nothing happened.”

Will Nate give up and turn his back on his daughter after being turned away, with Tracy already in pain?

Tracy had already reached her breaking point as a result of Nate and her sister’s lies.
Will the mother opt to leave the village with Frankie?


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