Emmerdale exit ‘sealed’ as Bob Hope and Cathy clash over Heath’s funeral

Bob Hope of Emmerdale is having a hard time moving on after his son Heath passed away in a horrifying car accident on New Year’s Eve.

Tony Audenshaw’s character Bob Hope from Emmerdale, who continues to hold Cathy Hope (Gabrielle Dowling) responsible for Heath Hope’s (Sebastian Dowling) death, is about to argue with her about Heath Hope’s funeral on the ITV soap opera. Might this result in Cathy permanently leaving the village?

In forthcoming scenes from Emmerdale, a distraught Bob confides in his partner Wendy Taylor (Susan Cookson) that he is shielding himself by not allowing his daughter Cathy to see him.

The next morning, when Bob still avoids Cathy, who is devastated, Brenda Walker (Lesley Dunlop) becomes furious.

She begs him to stand up and help his daughter, but he is unable to do so. Bob ruminates over Brenda’s remarks in agony.

Bob is upset to discover that Cathy is still lying about her twin’s death on the day of Heath’s funeral, and he sobs all day.

Wendy tries to comfort Bob, but he says he can’t handle the day and that he would rather be with his grief instead of going to the funeral.

Soon after, Cathy finds out that Bob will not be at the funeral. Despite her gut reaction, she ignores it because she wants to do what is right for her brother.

While Bob is stuck inside, crippled by grief, the rest of the village comes to pay their respects to Heath.

Cathy is upset to see Heath’s coffin pass by her during the funeral, but she is happy to see Bob by her side.

She is devastated to learn that her father still doesn’t think she’s real, though. She thus won’t return home until Bob believes she is being honest about the collision that claimed Heath’s life.

Because she caused the vehicle accident, Angel King (Rebecca Bakes) is inconsolable in the cemetery.

Will she ever come clean and tell everyone that the night Heath died, she was behind the wheel of the car?

The actor Tony, who plays Bob, recently told Express.co.uk that he was “quite shocked” to hear Heath would be killed off.

He continued: “But obviously it’s a really important storyline and I hope it’s one that I did justice to.”

The actor added that filming Heath’s death scenes was among the “hardest” he had ever had to do while he was a cast member of the ITV soap opera.

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