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Emmerdale fans all have the same complaint about Chas Dingle – but quickly change their mind after major twist

EMMERDALE viewers were outraged with Chas Dingle after she informed Liv Flaherty she was dead to her, but after a huge twist, they have rapidly changed their minds.

The Woolpack landlady, played by Lucy Pargeter in the ITV soap, holds Liv responsible for her son Aaron’s departure from the hamlet.

Chas Dingle has finally come to her senses about Liv Flaherty
Emmerdale fans were appalled that Chas had cut Liv out of the Dingle family

Liv is in incarcerated for the murder of Ben Tucker, while viewers are aware that Meena Jutla is to blame.

Despite having severed relations with Liv, Chas had a change of heart and decides to pay her a visit in prison.

The audience was ecstatic to see Chas come to her senses.

One wrote: “About bloody time. Chas finally sees the light and agrees with Vinny and Liv is innocent.”

Another posted: “I’m glad Chas has given Liv ANOTHER chance! She’s has to believe that she’s innocent. #Emmerdale”

“Finally Chas is seeing sense and is now on Liv’s side,” a third shared.

Last week, shocked viewers were outraged when Chas kicked Liv out of the Dingle family.

Chas piled on the pressure and warned Liv she was on her own. She raged, “You and your falsehoods have broken this family apart.”

“You have broken us. Everyone’s given up on you Liv, not just Aaron. You never were a Dingle though. 

“And now Aaron’s gone – what’s left to bond us? Absolutely nothing. So don’t phone us, don’t contact us because I’m not interested. 

“You lady are dead to me.”

“Liv murdered Ben,” Chas told the Dingles. Liv does not exist, as far as we’re concerned.”

Vinnie tried to defend Liv, but the rest of the family decided to leave her to her fate.

Viewers were disgusted with her after Chas rubbed it in.

“Chas was really nasty on Liv,” one person wrote.

A second said: “Both Chas’s parents were/are total Alcoholics & yet she’s still judging poor Liv really?”

Another added: “I love Cain and Chas but I hope Liv disowns all the Dingle family when they discover the truth.”

Chas has vowed to find the real person who murdered Ben Tucker


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