Emmerdale fans ‘predict’ heartbreaking exit for beloved character after spotting clue

On Wednesday night, Emmerdale was a flurry of drama as Angelica King revealed to her mother that Heath Hope’s twin, Cathy, was the one who died in the car, not her.

Because they think Rebecca Bakes’ character Angelica King misled the police about how Heath Hope (Sebastian Dowling) died, Emmerdale viewers fear a devastating departure may be imminent. On Wednesday, in tense moments, Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) questioned Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) regarding the collision and Cathy’s (Gabrielle Dowling) claim that Angelica was operating the vehicle when it went down.

Bob appeared to believe his daughter at first, but he soon changed his mind when Nicola reminded him of all of Cathy’s prior transgressions. Upon taking a seat to speak with Nicola and Jimmy King (Nick Miles), Bob mentioned, “We are hoping to see Angelica.”

Nicola apologized, saying, “I can’t imagine what you’re all going through, but I am not having Angel accused,” after Jimmy clarified that his daughter was asleep.

Brenda (Lesley Dunlop) insisted, “We just want to talk to her,” to which Nicola retorted, “I said no.”

Brenda continued, “We just need to know what happened,” to which Nicola retorted, “We already do.”

Brenda pushed even harder, saying, “Nicola, you can’t shield her from this. If she is honest about things, it will be a weight off her mind, and we can then begin to work through what transpired.”

“She wasn’t driving and there is a witness that backs Angel up,” Nicola said. “So I’d say it’s Cathy you need to go and talk to.”

Brenda continued: “Cathy wouldn’t lie about something as serious as this, she has just lost her brother and Angelica is making it even worse.”

“I know you both know Angel is telling the truth and I am not saying it out of spite,” Nicola said as they started to argue about it.

After the show, viewers expressed their opinions on X, which was formerly known as Twitter. Many of them predicted that either Cathy or Angelica would be imprisoned and consequently leave the program.

@DionPetrie noted that Angelica had changed in behavior, saying, “Angelica looks guilty #Emmerdale.”

“Angel looks like she’s lying…#emmerdale,” echoed @vlcurrie.

Continued @man18united: “#Emmerdale The plot twist, in my opinion, is that Kathy is truly innocent, as a flashback will reveal.”

@leahallen77 stated: “I’m guessing Cathy’s telling the truth but Bob will turn against her knew that would happen.”

@DylanDylan1909 speculated, “I’m calling it, Cathy Hope leaves the show after being jailed for Heath’s death #Emmerdale.”

“Deep down Nicola knows Angel is lying too!! #Emmerdale,” @Samanth22356123 proposed.

“Can’t wait for Cathy to be proven right #emmerdale,” tweeted @lbozza17.

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