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Emmerdale fans spot bathroom blunder as they predict another Meena murder

The Meena Jutla serial killer plotline has captivated Emmerdale viewers, but they’ve also been quick to point out narrative holes.

On Thursday evening, audiences tuned in to see Meena continue to torment her older sister Manpreet in the newest episode of the ITV soap.

Meena (Paige Sandhu) took Manpreet home from the hospital earlier this week after they were caught up in the Christmas Day blast, and she’s been tying her up ever since.

Since confessing to all of her killings, Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) has been urgently attempting to persuade her sibling to let her go, and on Thursday she volunteered to assist her.


“I’m a doctor, I can plead your case,” Manpreet told her, as Meena replied sarcastically: “What case? There’s nothing wrong with me.”

Manpreet continued: “There is darling, you’re just too ill to realise it. Why do such horrific things?”

“Because I like it,” Meena told her, as Manpreet replied: “It’s because you’re insane.”

She quickly changed tactics, promising to keep Meena’s great secret and suggesting that they both move to Ibiza to start over.

Meena was uninterested in the concept and was preoccupied with the notion of spending New Year’s Eve with Billy after he asked her over.

She planned to try on a new red dress and model it for Manpreet while informing her that she would be alone on December 31.

Viewers complained that the plot was dragging on, and they were quick to bring out Manpreet’s restroom gaffe.

“Has Manpreet been for a p*ss yet? # Emmerdale,” one person asked on Twitter.

“#Emmerdale how has manpreet not needed to use the toilet yet!” someone else commented.

A third person posted: “How long can Manpreet go before needing the toilet? #Emmerdale.”

And a fourth viewer added: “Does Manpreet not need the bathroom #Emmerdale.”

Someone else joked: “Either Manpreet has a bladder of steel or she’s wearing a nappy as she’s not left that bed in yonks #Emmerdale.”

Meena dropped the biggest signal yet that Vinny Dingle could be her next victim later in the program.

Speaking about there being no evidence to prove she murdered Ben Tucker, Meena said: “Speaking of which, let’s hope Vinny backs off otherwise he’ll be next for the chop!”


“Meena is so disgusting hope she’s sent down soon poor manpreet and she better not go after vinny and is so cruel to liv hope they find evidence to get her sent down #emmerdale,” one person tweeted.

Another wrote: “So #emmerdale #Meena has the following on her murder to do list – Vinny, Manpreet, Billy, Dawn and if she ever comes back, Victoria – then she might get nicked!”


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