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Emmerdale heartache as Rishi Sharma loses Priya and Manpreet in heartbreaking scenes?


Rishi Sharma, an EMMERDALE legend, maybe saddened this Christmas as he learns the full extent of his daughter Priya’s troubles.

As she heals from the burns she received during Emmerdale’s survival week, Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade) has been having difficulty eating.

So far, she’s managed to conceal her eating habit, but in Friday’s episode, Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) discovered her condition and advised her not to tell Rishi (Bhasker Patel).

Priya was struggling to sip a protein smoothie when the doorbell rang. Manpreet wanted to speak with Rishi about the divorce procedures.

Priya insisted her father wasn’t at home and begged Manpreet to go, but she fainted because she hadn’t eaten anything.

Manpreet assisted Proya inside and addressed her about her feelings.

She began: “I had no idea you were struggling like this.”

“Why would you?” Priya replied before confirming her father Rishi had no idea how much she was struggling.

“I just felt a bit faint, that’s all.”

“Priya, you collapsed,” Manpreet continued. What if I hadn’t been there and you’d slammed your head against the wall?

“What is Amba had been here on her own with you? Priya?”

“You need to put aside what happened with me and Rishi for a time,” Manpreet pushed as Priya sobbed. I need to know if you’re all right. You’re not OK, honey, you’re anything but.”

Rishi reappeared later in the program and inquired as to why Manpreet had stopped by.

Priya stepped in and stated that she didn’t want to talk to solicitors, but Rishi urged that they should handle their divorce through the “right channels.”

As Manpreet walked away, she advised Priya to tell Rishi about her eating disorder and recovery struggles.

“I’m not lying for you Priya, not about something like this,” she warned. Either you tell him tonight or I’ll tell him for you.”

Manpreet’s warning alarmed Priya, but it may provide the impetus she needs to enlist more help from her family; if not, Rishi may be left without the two ladies by his side at the start of 2021.

If Priya continues to refuse to eat, she will become weaker and more weary, and, as Manpreet predicted, she may collapse and injure herself.

She could suffer severe brain damage or possibly death if she hits her head.


Rishi would be devastated if he realized that Priya’s death could have been avoided if he had known what she was going through and been there to help her.

It’d be even worse if he discovered Manpreet knew his daughter was having trouble recovering and didn’t tell him.

Rishi’s anger is understandable, so it’s not surprising if he pushes Manpreet even more away, refusing to talk about their divorce.
What would he do if he didn’t have Manpreet and Priya? He could even consider leaving the village if he didn’t have them.

Rishi isn’t the only one with a broken heart; Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) appears to be on the verge of being single for Christmas as Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) sets his sights on Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley).


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