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Emmerdale hints Meena Jutla could be caught out by Vinny Dingle


Another twist in Meena Jutla’s serial killer plot is on the coming, according to Emmerdale.

When Vinny Dingle receives a probable hint to Meena’s wrongdoing, she may have a new reason to be concerned.

Vinny (Bradley Johnson) has become anxious to clear Liv Flaherty’s name after she was wrongfully accused of Ben Tucker’s murder.

Meena killed Ben after he found damning video footage of her attempting to murder Victoria Barton during the survival adventure challenge.

Vinny confronts Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) about the matter in scenes that aired during the Christmas season.

Vinny believes Ben’s true killer is still on the loose, and new information from Billy may be able to help him prove it.
Ben was convinced that something fishy happened during the adventure challenge, according to Billy.

Ben had discovered some weird film salvaged from one of the body cams, he adds.

Vinny recognizes the significance of this and begins his investigation. Will he be able to apprehend Meena, or will he become her next victim if he gets too close to the truth?

Emmerdale executives have already stated that Meena’s sister, Manpreet Sharma, will be suspicious of her behavior over the holidays.

A visit with Carol, the sister of Meena’s deceased friend Nadine, disturbs Manpreet. Carol is persuaded that Meena is to blame for Nadine’s death, and she tells Manpreet about her alarming opinion.

Rebecca Sarker, who plays Manpreet, recently told to media: “She says at one point to Meena, ‘Yes, you’re selfish, but you’re not all bad.’ She’s desperate to believe that her sister’s not all bad, so she would be incredulous [if she knew the truth], but I think she feels a lot of responsibility.

“As her older sister, I think she feels a lot of responsibility and maybe she’d look within herself, ‘Did I facilitate this in some way?’ I think that would be an overriding feeling for Manpreet.”


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