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Emmerdale pregnancy as Kerry Wyatt discovers she’s expecting Al Chapman’s baby?


Following the events of Thursday night’s episode, Kerry Wyatt could find out she’s pregnant with Al Chapman’s kid in upcoming scenes on the ITV soap. Will they be able to handle a little child?

Following her return to Emmerdale a few months ago, Kerry (played by Laura Norton) has had a dramatic start, as she was thrust into the middle of a high-octane gangster storyline.

The ITV soap star is currently hiding in the village to avoid the villain, Amy Wyatt, and has been attempting to mend her connection with her daughter (Natalie Ann Jamieson).

She has, however, succumbed to Al’s (Michael Wildman) charms, and after sleeping with him, she may be pregnant with his child in a completely new narrative for the troubled couple.

Kerry sneaked out of the Woolpack after sleeping with the businessman on Thursday night’s episode, but she had to go by the front entrance because the rear door was shut.

Everyone, including Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) and Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter), saw her go and made some comments about her bedding Al.

When Amy discovered what had been going on, she was taken aback, and when they came home, the local villain paid them a visit.

Feeling awful about the drunken fling, she told her egotistical lover: “I’m sorry I got drunk and made a big mistake with you.

“Now, I know I might look like easing pickings to someone like you but believe it or not, I don’t just drop my draws for any Tom, Dick or Al with a load of cheesy lines.”

“Because, believe it or not, I do still have some self-respect just when I’m drunk, it seems to go,” she continued to tell Al.

“If this is you coming around here looking for a repeat performance, you can sling your hook because it’s not going to happen.”

Following Amy’s departure, the two continued their chat, with Kerry expressing her embarrassment at the town knowing what they’d been up to.

“You shouldn’t care about what people think,” the businessman remarked, with the mother of one stating: “We both know what last night was.

“It was a drunken mistake. You don’t need to come up here and explain that,” she added, with Al telling her he didn’t view it as a “mistake”.

“Look, I like you. You’re honest, upfront, you’re funny too and if you let me, I’d like to buy you dinner,” Al said.

She wasn’t going to accept his offer right away, telling him she’d think about it and leaving him on a knife’s edge.

This may appear to be the start of a new romance in the community, but it might also be the start of a storyline in which they struggle to figure out how to have a baby.

There’s a potential they didn’t use protection because they were both drunk at the time they slept together.

Kerry may have conceived in this situation, but it may take a few weeks for her to realize she is carrying her second child.

She could see this as a second chance to be a mother after not being the best mother to her firstborn daughter Amy.


Al, on the other hand, may not be anticipating being a father for the second time, especially since they only slept together once.

He’s never been a good father to his son, Ellis Chapman (Aaron Anthony), and he doesn’t want to repeat those errors.

With both of the baby’s parents having opposing viewpoints, Kerry would have to decide what she wanted to do, knowing that she would be a single mother.

Will her life be irrevocably transformed when she gives birth to her second child next year, and will she be able to make amends for her previous mistakes?

When Kerry had an affair with village bad boy Cain Dingle two years ago, viewers were convinced she was pregnant (Jeff Hordley).

The plot for a kid for these two was never written, but she may find out she is pregnant almost 24 months later.

Laura, who plays Kerry on the show, hinted at major plot twists when she announced her return to the show a few months ago.

The soap star explained: “Oh yeah! I can’t wait. I’ve already heard about things coming up that are making me laugh and working with Emma [Atkins – Charity Dingle] means there’s been a lot of giggling on set.

“I feel like they’re excited to write for Kerry again because I’m getting some brilliant lines, which I’m milking a bit.”

“And I’ve got a few costumes. It’s still very classic Kerry with the bright colors,” Laura said in an interview with the press.

But, as she prepares to become a mother for the second time, could some of these costumes feature her character in maternity wear?

After hints were given throughout the episodes, viewers took to Twitter to express their feelings about Kerry and Al’s affair.

Deluca wrote: “Emmerdale continuing their mission of horrendous relationships this year by putting Al and Kerry together #Emmerdale.”

Matthew posted on the social media platform: “Please tell me we’re not going there with Al and Kerry?! #Emmerdale.”


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