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Emmerdale reveals aftermath of Meena and Manpreet cliffhanger


Following their major Christmas Day cliffhanger, Emmerdale has teased some ominous scenes for Meena Jutla and Manpreet Sharma.

In the hour-long seasonal special, Meena (Paige Sandhu) and Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) were sent flying by a tremendous explosion at The Woolpack.

The pub explosion occurred as Al Chapman’s merciless attempts to ruin the business reached new heights, but his activities now appear to have far-reaching ramifications.

In a later scene, Manpreet’s on-again, off-again love interest Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) prays at her hospital bedside while she is still asleep.

When Manpreet hears his voice, her eyes twitch, much to the dismay of Meena, who is already awake.

Meena is terrified of her sister waking up, fearful that all of her dark secrets would be revealed at once.

Meena pulls up a hypodermic needle and prepared to quiet Manpreet forever, knowing this won’t happen. Manpreet’s eyes open just as she does.

Meena takes a sigh of relief and thinks that her sister can live if Manpreet pretends not to remember anything from the previous days.

Meena brings Manpreet home the next day. Unfortunately, the issue worsens when Manpreet unintentionally divulges information that she should not be aware of.

Meena insisted on giving her sibling sleeping drugs, but Manpreet outsmarted her by spitting them out as soon as she turned her back.

Manpreet dials 999 and prepares to talk with the operator when she notices Meena standing just in front of her.

Emmerdale executives recently announced that Meena will hold Manpreet captive in a new storyline, implying that there will be many more twists and turns in this tragedy in the coming days.

Meanwhile, Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) is sad when Meena claims she lost their baby in the explosion, amidst the other tragedies.

Billy, unaware that Meena was never truly pregnant, accuses Al of being to blame for the catastrophe.

In other news, Marlon and Chas Dingle decide it’s time to take Al’s pub offer. When a fire investigator incorrectly decides that the burning was an accident, things continue to work in Al’s favor.


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