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Emmerdale reveals Sam and Lydia’s romantic Christmas storyline

Emmerdale has unveiled a romantic Christmas plot for Sam Dingle and his wife Lydia, following recent tension between the couple.

Lydia has been at differences with Sam over Lydia’s decision to report Liv Flaherty to the police when she believes Liv is guilty for Ben Tucker’s death. This, according to Sam, broke the “Dingle code.”

However, Mandy begs Sam to make apologies with Lydia following their temporary estrangement this Christmas, as Sam is concerned that their split will become permanent.


Sam has been regretting his actions, including refusing to speak to his wife, for a long time and is worried that Lydia would not forgive him.

Lydia receives a Christmas invitation from Sam, urging her to join him in celebrating the holiday season and giving him the opportunity to make amends. He beams with satisfaction as he stands back and watches her read it. This is the first stage in his great plan to reclaim Lydia, with Samson advising him on how to go about it.

Sam then decides to organize Lydia’s ideal Christmas day at the Dingles’, but only time will tell if Lydia will accept his explanations and forgive him for his actions.

Sam will have to battle harder than ever for his marriage, but as they say, Christmas is a time for forgiveness, so hopefully things will be better for the Dingles in the new year.

A spokesman for Emmerdale previewed the Christmas storyline lately, saying: “Christmas Day at the Dingles’ is generally a pleasant family gathering, but there have been recent fractures in this clan. Is it possible for Sam to reconcile them now, when he is desperate to make things better?”

The ball is squarely in Lydia’s court, as she has been staying with Marlon and Rhona during her spat with Sam and has no intention of giving him another chance.


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