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Emmerdale revenge as Kim Tate frames Will Taylor for murder?

Kim Tate of Emmerdale may be poised to revert to her wicked ways after learning a shocking truth about her lover Will Taylor.

Claire King’s Kim Tate has returned to Emmerdale to rekindle her romance with Will Taylor (Dean Andrews).

While the businesswoman was out of town, he began to develop feelings for Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles).

Will is poised to propose to Kim after she digs up DI Mark Malone’s (Mark Womack) body in upcoming scenes.

Will the scheming character report him to the cops since he fell in love with Bernice?


Will grows envious in the run-up to Christmas when he assumes Bernice is on a date with Dan Spencer (Liam Fox).

Bernice and Will later talk about their affections for each other, but the situation quickly becomes tense when she presents him an ultimatum: her or Kim.

They have no idea that Kim is in the next room, listening in on their intimate talk.

How will the devious character deal with the devastating news regarding Bernice and Will?

Bernice gives Will a hopeful look on Christmas morning as he struggles to choose between her and Kim.

Later, as he and Kim approach DI Malone’s grave, he is shocked to discover it freshly dug up and fears that this could be part of Kim’s retaliation if she truly did hear something damning.

But she discloses that she removed the body so Will is no longer bound to her – and he can choose whether or not to stay.

Will is moved by the gesture, and when he proposes to Kim, it is evident that he has made his decision.

But how will Bernice respond to Will’s rejection, especially since she had hoped he would select her?

Last Wednesday, Kim made a dramatic return to Emmerdale after fleeing the village to see if she could commit to Will.

Before Will arrived through the house door preparing to fix a kettle for Bernice, the villain caught Bernice dressed up in her dazzling expensive apparel.

Kim cruelly asked Bernice to return her dress as it wasn’t a colour that she could pull off, telling her the black dress “drained her shockingly”.

Standing up for herself in front of Will, Bernice replied: “Well there’s no need to be unkind.”

Will agreed and admonished Kim before telling her that Bernice had dressed up in her clothes for no reason.

However, Kim replied: “The truth be told, I couldn’t care less about the dress, I am far more interested in hearing if you’ve missed me.”


The businesswoman then stated she was afraid of losing Will and expressed her want to try again with him.
Will agreed to make amends with Kim while remaining silent about his emotions for Bernice.

Will Kim plot her vengeance now that she has overheard Bernice and Will confessing their feelings for one another?

Will Kim call the cops after Will proposes to her and blame DI Malone’s murder on Will as the final payback?


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