Emmerdale scriptwriter Sharon Marshall hints at Vanessa and Charity’s long-term future

Emmerdale scriptwriter Sharon Marshall has reassured fans about the long-term future of Vanessa Woodfield and Charity Dingle.

The pair’s relationship looks to be in trouble as part of a new cheating storyline, which will see Charity (Emma Atkins) sharing a kiss with a stranger named Mackenzie. Next week’s episodes will then see Charity facing the consequences as Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) is furious.

The storyline has also sparked criticism over the ITV soap’s bisexual representation, with harmful stereotypes being perpetuated.

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While Sharon didn’t address and wasn’t asked about the criticism specifically on , she did suggest that things will work out in the end for ‘Vanity’.

“My Twitter stream, I’m seeing your messages, so I’m hearing everyone,” she said. “Of course Vanity isn’t over. We know you love them, we love them. But of course, the lovely actress went off and had the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world, Michelle, so she’s on maternity leave.


“What this is is Charity getting something wrong in her head and doing her usual thing – self-destruction, being an idiot, being hedonistic. There is a kiss coming up with a total stranger… But look, she loves her.”

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