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Emmerdale shares first look at devastating Christmas Day pub fire

The first look at a frightening fire that breaks out at The Woolpack on Christmas Day has been released by Emmerdale.

With photographs showing an exploding fire erupting from the renowned bar, it appears like the townspeople may be on their last legs, as well as everyone who chance to be inside.

The Woolpack was heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and Chas, Paddy, and Marlon Dingle have been battling to stay afloat since it reopened, so this will be devastating.


Producer Kate Brooks said: “It’s not just the Woolpack that goes up in flames on Christmas Day, as secrets and lies explode, ripping through the lives of some of our much-loved villagers and making it a Christmas they’ll never forget.”

In order to avoid losing the bar, the Dingles hired Al Chapman as an investor to assist re-invest some much-needed funds, but he appears to be attempting to destroy the pub even further — may he be involved in the fire?

Last month, he proposed that they serve premade meals rather than freshly prepared dishes to save money, but it was evident after Al spoke with someone on the phone that he was attempting to deceive the Dingles.

Al was subsequently spotted alone on his laptop, looking at designs for ‘The Woolpack Luxury Apartments,’ implying that he is trying to make the firm fail so he can turn it into something completely different.

What will happen if Emmerdale isn’t the same without The Woolpack and a few of Dingles behind the bar serving pints?


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